Paolo Nutini – Brixton 25th April 2007

On Wednesday I went to see Paolo Nutini with my dad. It was pretty fun. The first support was some woman that I don’t know the name of and her songs weren’t that memorable other than me thinking that “well, at least she can sing.” The second support were a band called “Ghosts” which I only know because it was on their drum kit and the singer said it a whole bunch of times along with “This is a song called Ghosts. Like us.” They were more or less an indie-rock Duran Duran lite. Although when they came on stage some kid next to me exclaimed “OH NO! They’re EMOS!”

Which is an easy mistake to make with the hair and the clothes and the mooching.

Paolo Nutini was Paolo Nutini. Considering he’s only got the one album, (and I think Ghosts have just the one album too) he managed to make it last a pretty long time. There was a cover of “I wanna be like you” from the Jungle Book in there and for some reason I remember a Radiohead cover but that one might have been a hallucination. Ghosts did a couple of covers too – there was that Pussycat Dolls song and some song from some band that must be fairly popular at the moment, but because I don’t listen to radio one or capital and rarely get the chance to listen to xfm anymore…. i had no idea what it was.


Anyway, my OU course starts this week and I’ve checked that the software I got sent in the post all works fine. Just gotta get on with the reading now, which theoretically shouldn’t be too hard. However spending most of the day at work has severely impeded my aimless loitering time, which is when I use to fit in the whole reading for fun and profit malarkey. At least now that the days are getting longer, I’ll be waking up even earlier and be able to get some reading time in then. It’s times like this when I miss dial-up – I used to keep a stack of books next to the computer back in the day so I’d have something to do while pages were loading. Now… the waiting time is gone and I kind of miss it.

Mmm nostalgia.

There’s some kind of Star Wars thing going on somewhere in London in a couple of weeks so really, if I want to go check it out, I guess I should find out what is actually happening with it.

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