Last weekend…

On Saturday my mum and I went to see “Becoming Jane”, the film about Jane Austen. I think the general consensus from the rest of the cinema-goers was that it started off fairly slowly, which I didn’t really notice. Mostly, it was an ok film. I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it if my mum hadn’t have wanted to go and would have waited till it was on tv.

Sunday was Mother’s day, so there was presents and breakfast in bed for my mum. In the afternoon I was helping to run my local church’s confirmation class. So far, it looks like the classes will probably cover more of the actual theological stuff to do with confirmation than the classes I had did and will also touch on some of the other stuff that comes with making your own decisions and being an adult and that. The kids however, are all typical 14-year olds for the most part. 😉

Author: rachel

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