He’s a part-time punk

So at some point, I should really expand on the static pages on the blog (rather than the blog entries that flow out onto the keyboard fairly well).

Then there’s drawing a list of all the bits and pieces on the other various sites I have that I want to update or alter. And then there’s making little notes like this to trying and get me to remember to do it when I have a moment that isn’t bedtime.

First thing to do I guess, is a big fat masterlist of the things I want to do on each of my sites in no particular order. Then I can just work down the list one thing at a time and add new things on to the bottom. 🙂

Here’s to getting around to updating and not forgetting Web 1.0 when drowning in Web 2.0. 😉

Author: rachel

Rachel, 32, half-girl, half-robot.