An Open Letter to the Alliance & Leicester failwhale of a website

Dear Alliance & Leicester website,

Setting aside the garish orange colour that you feature so heavily, but cannot get rid of as it is your brand colour, I cannot help but feel disappointed by you.

Mainly for your HORRIFIC SECURITY BLUNDER in needing to press TWO links/buttons in order to log out. Most websites have just the one. It’s safer that way. You log out once and that’s it. Out. Secure.

YOU however need first to have a link clicked on that leads to a page that seems to look like you are logged out, BUT NO. You then need to click on another button to ACTUALLY LOG OUT. You shouldn’t care if your customer is SURE they want to log out. Just log them out. If they logged out by mistake then they can DAMN WELL log back in again, rather than thinking they logged out and then having someone STEAL ALL THEIR BANKING DETAILS they’ve not actually logged out.

And then this leads to my second item. It’s almost impossible to find some place on your website that gives an email address contact for someone who does not have an account with you. I don’t want to ACTUALLY write a letter on paper. I want to email. LAME.