In short: Rachel, 28, half-girl, half-robot.

My name is Rachel. I live somewhere in the vague vicinity of London, England. I dye my hair mad colours, I like eating durians and I very rarely do anything.

That last one isn’t entirely true. I’m a student. Again. Yes, I know. MA in Religion, Politics and Conflict Resolution to go with the BEng Computer Science/Software Engineering that I already have. And yes, I know.

It does kind of make sense to me.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of covers, along with my usual diet of mash-ups and the like, so that’s probably what you’ll see most of the time in my last 5 listened tracks just there. Although maybe I’m starting to move on.

Otherwise, I reckon that I’ve turned into a compulsive blogger – this is just the latest in a long line of blogs and online journals, most of which I’m still using. This one is just an easy way to construct a website to go with the domain (bought in the hope that it’ll help distinguish me from the other Rachel Cavalier from my village online*).

Blogging for me is an easy way to spill the contents of my head without doing too much damage to the mushy blancmange of my brain. Learning to touch-type at the age of 6 has had the side effect of being able to type at about the same speed as I can think of what I want to say, and of course, I type far quicker than I write. So here it is. A blog concerning me, written pretty much only for me, but barely linked anywhere by myself (I try to keep my usual screen-name separate from my real name because even though there’s another of me* here, I don’t fancy a random stranger turning up on my doorstep having tracked me from my internet presence).

I don’t think I’d call myself a writer – even though I blog and tweet and review and do actually write reams and reams of uh…stuff, it’s all fairly disjointed and hodgepodge with no direction. Such is life. I’m not a musician, even though I love music, can play the piano (badly now that I stopped really playing over 10 years ago), can read music and sing with a choir. I guess what I am is an experiencer of life. I do things and learn things and maybe I’ll document them afterwards, but you’ll not see me at a gig with a camera because I’m there to be there and not just to say I was there.

* The problem with having someone who shares your name and lives in the same town/village as you and roughly the same age as you is that they probably do similar things to you. What with the similar environmental and cultural influences. And when you’ve been online for about 7 years, it gets hard to remember what was you and what was someone else – the only way I can do that is to keep in mind that a lot of the stuff online stamped with my real name on it, isn’t me at all as I’ve not been daft enough to put it out there before being old enough to vote. Alas, the other me didn’t have the same foresight and I’m stuck with random things that aren’t me associated with my name out there. I can ramble on about this until the cows come home, so I’ll end it here. 🙂