The other day I went to see Shooter. It’s a fun action film with a dash of conspiracy. Also, nice to see that the easy romantic set-up between Swagger and Sarah wasn’t taken – the slight tension from her being the widow of his partner and him feeling responsible for his partner’s death was a nice touch and certainly the single-minded focus on revenge on Swagger’s part shouldn’t have allowed time for romance!

Another small point that I liked was Swagger always standing to attention when faced with any kind of authority – even vague authority, which he kind of mentions later on, saying something about being trained to follow orders.

I think I will probably go and see Next or Spiderman 3 next, but I’ve not really heard anything good about Spiderman and at least if Next is bad, it’ll be hilariously bad. Whereas Spiderman will be just… meh. I don’t remember seeing the other two films in the cinema. In fact, I don’t remember seeing the second film at all. I’ll probably just wait until it is on tv.

Author: rachel

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