Every year, ever since I was born, my parents and I make a pilgrimage to Walsingham, in Norfolk.

Which is where we went today and while I was there, among other things, it occurred to me that I should make some kind of video tour of Walsingham and the shrines there. Partly to share with my family, who mostly live in other countries, but mostly to share with my friends – most of whom will probably never step foot in a church, let alone visit a Marian shrine!

Randomly, I seem to be unintentionally named after the woman who built the Holy House at Walsingham and my parents would take me there and make the pilgrimage in thanksgiving for my birth. And really, they still do. It’s just that I’m old enough to conciously appreciate going there and everything that goes on there.

So, I guess next year I shall be writing to the various people in charge of maintaining the Anglican and Catholic shrines there and asking if it’d be ok for me to video stuff there and if there are any areas that they would rather not have a camera poking around – certainly it’s a bit rude to be filming in the middle of Mass or while the sprinkling services is going on by the well and I wouldn’t dream of intruding while people are deep in prayer.

It’s certainly something to plan for and to do well in advance of my next trip there.

Author: rachel

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