Zenith Windows are rubbish

Zenith Windows are rubbish.

A new addition to the hate list. Zenith Windows are officially rubbish. They were rubbish when they originally fitted our front door, messing us around no end when we wanted to know about new handles for our windows (which they fit for us like a billion years ago) and now they are even more rubbish.

When my dad passed away, the police had to break into the house to find him so they had to go through the front door. Fair enough. It’s the only way in.

So the door is irreparably damaged and will need replacing. That was nearly two months ago now and Zenith Windows said that we would have a new door after 4 – 5 weeks.

Obviously, that was a blatent lie. We still don’t have a working front door. You would think, that at least they could contact us to say “hey, sorry we don’t have it yet” or something – my mum has been calling pretty much every week only to hear “Oh. Yeah. We’re waiting for the door to arrive.”

I don’t get it. We’ve paid for half of it already. The man came to measure the door and even with the whole Christmas season, it shouldn’t take this long.

This is an example of appalling service. You might think that they would hurry things up a little for a recently bereaved family or at least, not offer such a poor service that I’m now adding them to the hate list and will be dissing them to everyone I ever meet who I happen to talk about double glazing with.

Admittedly, double glazing isn’t exactly a burning topic of conversation, but it is the kind of thing that you listen to someone else’s experience of when you are considering it.

So, in summary, Zenith Windows are lame, rubbish etc. and you shouldn’t use them.