Kasabian @ Brixton Academy 16/07/09


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Kasabian were WICKED. But first…the support.

Dark Horses were lamecore. Sounded a bit like a cross between a substandard PJ Harvey and Kasabian themselves, which may be ok if I’m sitting at home listening to a CD or something.

Live on the other hand, the singer is aloof and distant – never engaging at all with the audience. Maybe they’re just too arty in a bad way.

The Hours were great. The singer is a bit awkward – but when it looks like he forgets he’s on stage singing in front of a few hundred people that all disappears. And at least he talked to us! The songs were cool and I’m definitely gonna listen to more of their stuff.

Kasabian, of course, ruled. I’ve bought exactly one mp3 of theirs and that’s it – so I didn’t think I’d really be familiar with much of their music….but it turns out that yeah, I’ve heard them on the radio a heck of a lot and bizarrely they’ve been around a lot longer than I thought.

Of course, I feel like I’m still in 2004 and can’t quite wrap my head around it being 2010 next year i.e. officially The Future.

The set was great and LSF is a FAB song to finish on – the crowd were singing it still all the way through the rain to the train station!

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