Don’t you wish you had a brother or sister?

That’s what I get asked a lot. Especially when people first discover I’m an only child and they’re perhaps  a generation older than me.

 Lately, I’ve discovered that I miss spending time on my own and I’ve really noticed it since actually having a 9 to 5.30ish job. I spend most of the day with a bunch of people in an office and answering phones and stuff. In the evenings,  I then have to spend time with my parents interacting and stuff.

 Which is all quite strange for someone who has been able to spend vast amounts of time on her own over the last 4 years while at university. And has always quite liked spending time alone, or at least, not talking to anyone.

The answer is no, by the way, to the question in the title. I’ve been too used to being on my own for as long as I can remember.

Author: rachel

Rachel, 32, half-girl, half-robot.